Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Civil War

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Axel is shouting out ‘I don’t need no Civil War’
to drown out rushing cars with hollow shells in control,
the faces in my rearview mirror tempt an instant death
ere I should accidentally catch a glimpse of the life
that reflects in those dull eyes.
A homeless man slowly trundles across the empty vacant lot
where a billboard promises modern offices 2 years ago,
and at the sidewalk the hood of a car of dubious vintage is up
whilst dirty jeans and waving arms proclaim the woes of loss not wanted.
‘Green’ at last, I can leave this place, I can leave these images behind 290 horses,
then feel the wind lift up my hair while the sun throws shadow creatures
at my black sunglasses and the road behind me recedes
into a civil war that’s already begun.


  1. know i went to the longer gnr concert ever...they sang for 6.5 was amazing...nice social commentary as well...ugh...the details really bring this alive..yes, the war has begun for sure...

  2. If only we could see all war recede in our rear-view mirrors.

  3. We, humanity, never can quite manage to avoid wars and civil wars - we never learn and cannot seem to turn back time to see its utter folly. We never learn

  4. Nice to move out of combat zones. But I don't think we ever get rid of them entirely.

  5. I wish this war only lasted the length of a traffic light or better yet the length of a yellow, but I went over the hill and they caught me and brought me back to the red light.

  6. Someone should put your poems to music.