Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Night of the Witch

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The faintly illuminated night sky reflects a face devoid of all emotion,
unfocused eyes staring, transfixed to the ground,
while an ancient need, transmitted on a breeze, enters her subconscious.
Like shutters closing, the lights in her eyes die and turn dark
as the veil of obscurity blacks out any trace of who she is, only what she wants,
and she ventures out into the night.

It is you who crosses her path, a magnetic loneliness drawing you in,
inducing a need in you to offer yourself to her
while she stands tall before you, her stare accessing your mind.
She leans in, mischievous lips whispering into your ear that which you wish to hear,
her sweet breath luring you into a darkness that is mesmerising and entrancing,
and without resistance you become the object to the rituals of her pleasure and her pain,
giving up everything, a sacrifice, leaving you drained and bewildered,
as she takes from your mortal body the energy, and from your soul, your sanity,
in this spell of the night that belongs to the witch.


  1. was getting warm in here in the last stanza....and then got really cold...ha....
    i like how you start with the face of the sky....and then start the second focusing on her face...
    a bit haunting today...

  2. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness...two scenarios eerie...the other erotic!! I like both ways very much.

  3. Quite a seductive write is truly captivating in every way....I want a sequel :-)

  4. Enticing, dark and passionate! I love it!

  5. If I had a witch wish I'd wish for this witch to spell out her wishes for me again, and again, and yet again.


  6. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay brr spooky!!! this is probly why mama and dada do not let me go owtside alone at nite ennymore!!! ok bye

  7. Hey, I think I went out with her a few times back in the day!