Saturday, June 21, 2014

Punish me

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Punish me. Punish me for my illicit desires
that drive me thoughtlessly
into the arms of temptation.
Punish me for selfishly chasing
my every need to intense fulfilment
without a thought of you.
I kneel before you, my head hanging down,
my naked body a sacrifice to surrender
my heedless and self-seeking ways to you.


  1. But Shads, this is *you*. How chocolate for a week?

  2. smiles....sounds like it could be a good kinda punishment....just saying...

  3. Is that a promise?
    Now that's what I like to see
    Total surrender! lol

    But I shall be lenient with you!

    Very thought provoking, as usual. ~ Eddie x

  4. Be easy on yourself. We all have self-seeking ways.

  5. We all have our vices, and we all have our ways of punishing ourselves...even if it is within the confines of our own mind. An intense and captivating write Shadow. Always an inspiration to come to your blog. :-)

  6. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. That is, except for the unrepentant, which you are not.