Friday, July 25, 2014

Living Against the Odds

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When you live against the odds,
general sanction isn’t high
but you’ll get the chance to chase
every dream that you desire.
Thrills that make your heartbeat race,
put goose bumps onto your skin,
are worth so much more than winning
every dime store prize life brings.
And you may not find the rainbow
nor the picture perfect life,
but you may just find another
soul who’s heart beats just like mine...


  1. Love it . . . . and it sort of gives one hope of good things to come , , , , , :) Eddie

  2. That's lovely. Sometimes we have to chase those dreams and feel the goose bumps, otherwise we never experience the highs of life.

  3. Shadow I absolutely adore this!! Full of hope and the flow is beautiful! A new favorite for me! :-)

  4. enjoy reading your blog I've been away for awhile(Social Media) Please stop by and comment I coild use the readers if any of yiurs would like ti add me Id aporiciate it

  5. "another soul, who's heart beats just like mine".
    This gave me a warm, happy feeling.

  6. I found a soul whose heartbeats just like yours. You. Living against the odds is about the only way to keep it somewhat interesting.

  7. yes, you might...that is part of the journey...
    and the part i love...the people i will meet along the way
    and they enrich life more than most dreams....

  8. I am sorry for being so far behind. I really do enjoy your verses--especially when they are more positive.