Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trip without End

With faded jeans and a loose-buttoned shirt she enters the room.
Through the fringe of her dark hair and expressionless face,
she scans the flow of people, absorbs their energy
before moving to a booth in a dimly lit corner.
She settles back to watch, an aura of ‘don’t come too close’
keeping the curious away.
Her gaze sweeps the bar before pausing on a tall, hard stranger,
leaning against the wall with a look of disinterest,
yet his eyes caught hers as she looked at him,
and he held them fast in a magnetic stare, through the wall of her seclusion,
and pierced into her mind without a doubt of being refused.
He moves towards her, the casual t-shirt and worn jeans
unable to hide the rippling strength and power underneath.
He takes her hand to the drum intro of ‘We’re an American Band’.
Captivated she follows and their bodies move together,
‘til they touch, joined from thigh to hot, wet lips,
and the heat between them burns their surroundings to ashes.
Still silent they walk out together, ‘Follow me?’, to which she nods her assent,
drawn by the silhouette of the man while driving sightless through unknown streets.
The shock of his touch as he pulls her to him and the urgency in his lips
explode into her consciousness as awareness returns to her leaping senses
and they feasts on another with a hunger they can’t stem.
With the first light of dawn, without sleep on this bed, she rises;
with a kiss, without a word, she leaves, turns left down the main road,
towards the highway, on this trip that may not end.


  1. she got what she needed in the moment...but the road pulled her on...a tumbleweed unwilling to settle for the wind...its a wonder we ever find what we are looking for....


    Ya know Shadow, I've learned that I will NEVER find what I'm looking for...
    (And even yet, occasionally, I sneak a peak at the world, wondering???)

  3. That's a hot bed, Shadow.
    Great descriptive poetry
    Hope you are well :)

  4. I love the story but such a sad & poignant ending ~ She loves the road & solitude & moving on, without anyone to hold her back ~ Enjoyed this story very much ~

  5. And the poor bloke only wanted a beer!!

    Gosh Shadow I'm not quite sure who seduced who there - but a rivetting stimulating read :)
    I'll try it on Friday night and see if it works :)

  6. We are all looking for something. For some reason it made me think of the song 'Help Me Make It Through The Night'

  7. Hot and passionate, taking me back to not that many years ago. Being free and not being burdened is what youth was about for me.