Sunday, July 27, 2014

This is the Time

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The sun has just risen, there’s a bag in the back
with a passport and their dreams, and they are heading
to unknown places that are calling their name.
The time of change is upon them,
duties done and responsibilities terminated.
The world is now their stage to follow their instinct,
directed by their need to live their thoughts
with obsession and infatuation before darkness claims their souls.
Ahead lies the open road, nights of dancing until dawn,
speeding down byways as if the devil were chasing their tail,
and a freedom that leads them to intense satisfaction
in there where they are, doing that which they wish,
and release the dormant passion into discovering and feasting
on each other with their body, their mind and their souls
finally freed from expectations.


  1. Beautiful BW shot and love your poem ~ makes me want to get up and travel again ~ thanks,

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Beautiful.

    Might start a bit of travelling myself next year. :)

  3. woman I have two fondest memories. The weeks i spent out to sea on a WWII era destroyer (small ship) arguing with a raging ocean, finding meekness when I never once won one argument. I think that prepared me for marriage. And the second was this verse being lived, where the only direction was that way, I could go up or down and always know I;d return to ground level. May those hiking boots be well made and broken in and that gear on the back evenly distributed, Walking is freedom and the word freedom above a butterfly is my only tattoo. Daaaamn I got that in 42 years ago. Time to live free again.

    1. What do you know, I also have a butterfly tattoo, my first, about oh 20 years ago... Time sure flies.

  4. ...a freedom all too well anticipated!! Just hope they get where they want to go each time...with high emotion and happiness.

  5. to finally be free of expectations...whew...that was enough for me right much can happen at that point...i go back and forth between wanting no needing them to move forward....

  6. It's always the time, but many of us find excuses as to why it isn't.

  7. To be fully free is something amazing. A dream many of us wish for but do not know how to conquer.