Monday, July 7, 2014

The Return

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I’ve closed my eyes, I’m on my knees, I’m torn by opposing force,
I cannot distinguish right from wrong, I am lost without further recourse.
If true is what’s written into my mind, by society deemed as right,
then I must confess that I have sinned, passed the line that is black and white.

Yet if emptiness threatens to drown your soul, curtails your thoughts and your deeds,
is risking it all to free yourself, survival or should I concede?
Then I look through the stars to the moon at night with these rambling thoughts alive,
the longing and yearning it overwhelms, then I know for my soul what is right.
‘til the break of dawn shatters dreams with its light and duty is what it brings,
the answer so clear in the starlight recedes while the sun swiftly clips my wings.

So I’m asking you now, for another day,
let me fly with that which I for yearn,
free inhibitions that take me away,
‘ere to sanity I return.


  1. i would say risk it all...because what is life without risk...
    little more than a stagnant pool....i hope you get that one more day
    to live crazy...smiles.

  2. I suppose every single bit of green which pokes its head out from a concrete driveway to meet up with sunshine and dewdrop has to decide whether it was worth the risk.

    Crazy is as crazy does. Sometimes I think we may have inherited "crazy" from the GREAT SPIRIT, who MUST have been crazy to create US ?!?!

    Cannot advise, only say how it is/was with me...
    I had to BREAK
    the "rules"
    In order to MAKE
    the rules...

    (IF you understand what I wrote, tell me please--grin!!!!)

    HEY, I see you dropped by 4th Dimension! Thanks, I trying to begin again, just not DAILY!

  3. Wow. Risk, yes. Go for it. The adventure. Embrace it.

  4. Go for it girl - that's what we are here for, and I shall email my telephone number . . . .ROFL

    Beautifully written - read it three times straight off - just love the internal comflict - what she wants to do against what she thinks she should do, schooled by society! Risk it all for a trip to heaven!