Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweetest Perfection

picture credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Sweetest-Perfection-6578012

You place me in a dreamscape, create magic with your being,
you're the freedom all elusive, making every nerve-end sing,
you remain inside my skin, every moment, every day,
always yearning for your presence, I can’t from you turn away.

You’ve touched me deep and placed me in a state I can’t endure,
ever needing you beside me with intentions quite impure,
as I need to have you with me, you make living so worthwhile,
for a moment of your love’s enough to last until I die.


  1. that is some strong yearning...feeling them in your skin...yet at the same time the dependence...and with impure intentions...ha...nice

  2. A mixture of love and lust - always a winning combination.
    Glad I shall live until 100 . . . lol
    As usual I loved the poem and got me 'stirred' and 'shaken' . . . .

  3. Gosh, You managed to wrap up feelings in words that come alive on the page.

  4. Impure intentions are a good thing especially if they include lingerie and handcuffs.

    It is good to want someone so badly that you carry them inside you wherever the journey leads.

    Be Well Friend

  5. Yeah, I can remember having feelings like that. Sigh.

  6. My intentions are mostly pure now. But occasionally.....