Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer of '81

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She lay in the dark, waiting for the house to fall silent
before sneaking out her window, down the road
to the grand old double storey.  Listening to the whispering pine trees
that surround the house, her bare feet pad across the wooden porch
to the very last window at the end.

She stopped, looking at the window she knew would be open,
at the softly billowing curtains waving her in and to the bed beyond,
glowing white in the silver full moon.

She slipped through the window towards the motionless figure watching her,
his chest bare, legs tangled in sheets, and he said “I knew you would come...”.

His eyes slowly trawled her body, a shockwave of desire rushing over her skin
that licked the new-found awareness of her senses into an driving need
that drew him to her and while the stars passed overhead, they left the night behind.

Then the turning stars in the sky left them with the falling leaves
of these endless summer nights that they lived with abandon
in the light of the moon and the whispering trees,
who’s needles remain forever, in the dying yellowing surround.


  1. Such incredible words...a loving romanticism and sensuality to this one.

  2. OKAY, V., THIS is the one--I now have a NEW favorite of yours. You have simply outdone yourself, and I LOVE it, that last little stanza, a gem in the "Shadow" literature

    Turning stars--falling leaves, needles lasting forever (as they do) in the approach to winter, summer but a memory...OH WOW!

  3. Beautiful V . . . . Eddie :)
    Are those lips your's . . lol

  4. What can I say? That was simply beautiful!

  5. Whoa.....does anyone else here feel a need for a cold shower?

    1. Me . . . . lol . . . Eddie
      This lady sure has a way with words . . . lol

  6. So, beautiful! Elegant, powerful and sexy. I loved it!

  7. Hey, just how long of a vacation are you going to take? WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!