Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Chess Pieces Have Fallen

There’s a warm air blowing through the windows,
cobwebs tear free and drift away into the silver nightscape
of the realm of the full moon.
A boldness has infused in my step, in my veins a steady pulsing
that seeks pursuits borne of thrills and exhilaration
at the sharp edge of a fatal divide.
The chess pieces have fallen, pieces of a torn photograph
lie amongst the shards of a bloodstained memory
that collapses into a permanent darkness.
Old fears have lost their power, at rest the guilt not mine to bear,
the coat of self-protection floats away in muddy waters
and my true self steadily rises in the dawn of my release...


  1. Sometimes there are more layers--gotta get through one to realize another there. To "know" your true self is indeed a gift. It is to know God in a different way. HA! No beard
    nor patent slippers there. Hmmm.

    ALWAYS enjoy being here, you know that, Shadow. Thanks once more, girl!

  2. A feel a certain peaceful justice in your words here Shadow. Life can be like a chess game unfolding.

  3. Are the chess pieces falling in the right places for Oscar Pistorius?

    1. For him, yes, but he's getting away with murder. My opinion.

    2. So, you believe he actually planned to kill her? I can see where it was a tragic case of (ste)roid rage, which certainly doesn't let him off of the hook, but I have a hard time believing that he actually wanted her dead when the blood in his head was not boiling from taking too many stimulants.

  4. No, I think it was a crime of passion. He was jealous, she was seeing someone else, planning to leave him...

    1. Well, my wife completely agrees with you, and she told me (AGAIN!) that I should not say anything at all when I do not have anything intelligent to say. Sigh.