Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Tomorrow Brings

picture credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/closing-153967776

 It was the whisper of a thought without form
that emerged from the shadows,
skimming your subconscious,
waiting for you to see and accept it in your soul.
At first sight you tossed it in the corner
faster than a bolt of lightning
as it burned your hand and your heart
 with the truth you’ve been hiding
from yourself all this time.
While the clock kept on ticking,
it lay smouldering,
waiting for your breath of courage
to take it, own it and
breathe life into it...
...and on the sunrise of a certain morning
you knew the time was right
to follow the thread of possibility
that had stretched and grown
and you loath to close
the opening doors
to a daunting unknown tomorrow.


  1. ...and on the sunrise of a certain morning
    you knew the time was right"

    Loved this line...

  2. sometimes we just have to wait for that right time...and it takes patience...which is not my strong suit...but if you rush it, it all falls apart...

  3. Wonderful thought provoking and enlightening poetry ~ Happy Week to you!

    ps. It is all a journey up and down the hills and dales ~ 'Work in progress' ~

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. I like that thread of possibility....and courage to open that door though it is unknown where it may lead us ~

  5. Oh WOW! "..and you loath to close the opening doors...to unknown tomorrow."

    Have not ALL of us felt one day, that way?
    And what a horrible spot to be, lonely, fearful...
    ...and what will our friends, relatives, say?

    However, one way to deal with life is to change it, a BIG word, change. Not easy.....
    and fearlessly march
    through those doors,
    close them,
    lock them,
    throw the key
    at Indian Sea

    Love you, Veee.

  6. "... the thread of possibility" I like the thought of that.

  7. That amply describes the beginning of a journey - the starting over kind. Excellent!

  8. Strange, Carly Simon just started singing, Anticipation, in my head!

  9. fine words...mind conjures multi-levels +