Wednesday, September 3, 2014

...with love

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The smiling moon has taken my hand
and is guiding me as it grows,
filling me with its clarity
that burns my fears to ashes,
in dreams that belong to me alone.
The stars are laid out
like cat’s eyes on a highway,
to where the sand kisses the water
and my spirit can fly free.
I stretch out on the glowing sand
feel your presence heat my skin,
I take your essence into mine,
and with love, wish the world a goodbye.


  1. stars - like cats eyes on the highway....nice..
    nice to feel that freedom of flight..even if into them
    the moon will guide you right...

  2. I like that the spirit can fly free with the moon ~ Perfect for the night to come ~

  3. I liked this one a lot . . . . The stars laid out , Like cats eyes on a highway did something to me . . . :)

  4. beautiful shadow… absorbed into love… these are rare precious moments even before death they arise.

  5. Hello my friend....always the 'wordsmith'........never the 'mincer'.......a true 'shadowdancer'