Friday, September 26, 2014

In the Silence of the Night

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I love the darkness, the silence of the night,
the glittering stars and the bright moonlight,
the silver sheen it imparts on the world
hiding the blemish, the cracked, broken girl,
who sits every night, in a daze with her dreams,
with her heart that is bleeding and the voices that scream,
that torture her soul with cold memories repressed,
reviving the past that the future infests.
And her tears freely fall under eyes that don’t see,
who don’t know of the grief in her soul as it weeps,
‘til the starlight envelops her psyche with light,
giving strength to her dreams and restoring her sight.


  1. This one is sad but seems to be, ultimately, about healing, Love it, shadow, I need to read this book!

  2. i love the peacefulness of the has as many different personalities as does the light...i like the uplifting end though and finding the strength to chase her dreams again...i understand...smiles

  3. Yes, but does she not leave her chrysalis far behind with the coming of the morning light?

  4. There is a fine balance between darkness and light. Love the rhyme and meter in this Shadow.....a lovely write as always. :-)

  5. When a heart is engulfed in sorrow, darkness seems the best friend that offers a solace.