Tuesday, September 30, 2014

i see...

Picture courtesy of Sin City

i look out over the city from the rooftop of a deserted building
taking in the smells of fast food and petrol fumes.
i see the brightly flickering lights, feel the beat of a bass drum,
one that pulls you into the hot pulsing air of music and lust,
seducing your body into an alcoholic haze
that awakens in a strangers apartment
as the sun pierces your consciousness
beside a name you cannot recall. 
i see the hustlers of oblivion in the shadows of old doorways,
briefly illuminated hands exchanging greed for a numb nirvana,
that veils the shadows in your soul before you sink into the welcome silence
of an absent mind and anaesthetized limbs.
night after night i watch these hollow seekers haunting the streets,
a veneer of carefree enjoyment firmly in place,
whilst it’s shame and guilt that propels them back to the caverns of hell,
seeking to die one more time by their hand,
and escape a tomorrow that is lived in yesterday.


  1. i am not one of them any more but i can relate from when i was earlier in my life...needing to feel something we went in search of a pale substitute

  2. Shadow, I do not know if these are memories--or observations. But THIS I know:
    That final last line (eight words) you wrote encapsulates a 25-year period of my life when all I sought was oblivion. These words HAD to be inspired, my dear V...

    ".... escape a tomorrow that is lived in yesterday."


  3. I am not one for regret. Or for sorrow. I am what I am and if I am a spectre of the night trying to find daylight in the midnight hours, it may have taken me timee, but I have in fact learned.

  4. Great poem. Filled with emotion. I think we should start living in the moment so life can be enjoyed.

  5. wow. That one is packed with quotables. The last my favorite!
    The world of shadows usually takes on a noir feel this one has color and scent.

  6. Hollow seekers and those who are oblivious are sad. We all seek love but it can be elusive.

  7. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow that duz sownd luk like a sitty ware i wood like to liv!!! altho mama and dada mite say that with my menny menny beehavyoral diagnoseez inklooding post trawmatik stress disorder maybe it is a sitty wot i hav alreddy visitted!!! ok bye