Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In the Palm of my Hand

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It is gnawing at my senses,
there's a tremble in my hands,
awareness has been honed to a finely sharpened edge.
It’s the wind that’s blowing dresses,
my eyes cry from burning sand,
this, a gale that leaves me breathless on a narrow slipp’ry ledge.

Is there meaning to the meaningless,
what’s the use of knowing more,
pictures change with each location, while the answers stay unclear.
Through this maze I’m now delirious,
all my instincts in furore,
why I need to escape this reality, from frustration most severe.

I will ride with these cresting waves
through the wind of discontent that’s howling
to a song of sadness that’s immersed itself, in my sorrow, in my bones.
To my wishes I'm a slave,
bound to everything, bound by nothing,
severing every preconception, rewrite that which is written in stone.


  1. I have found that I would be much more content if I could just let go of my expectations. Knowing something and being able to actually do it are two very different things, though.

  2. I thought that was lovely, well written and thanks for sharing!

  3. Are we a slave to our wishes? If so, what control we have given over to them. But they are so strong at times it seems they do pull us along - thought hopefully we dont end up on the rocks.

  4. Incredibly written with passion that oozes from each word... beautiful...