Saturday, July 4, 2015

Are We Not aLL Addicts?

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It’s awake before your eyes open,
creeping with stealth through the corridors of your mind,
touching the desires your waking time suppresses,
to punish you with the affliction
of an unrequited hunger
that keeps you running in the fog
to the escape of your choice.
Are we not all addicts?


  1. It can be said that we are all addicted to something. Nice piece.

  2. ... so love this read, Shadow ... yes, we are all addicts ... smiles ... always, cat.

  3. Oh we all are.
    For one thing or another.
    And to a degree,
    for all things.

  4. Yes, we all are, but so very few have the integrity to admit it.

  5. Shared this link to my Facebook page with note that our addictions are always alive--they never sleep. Thanks, old friend.