Friday, July 10, 2015

Of Jellyfish and Wishes

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This here is for you.
And for you, and for you, and for yOU!

To time, the fleeting ever-lasting passage we move through
in an environment upon which we pretend to exert our control.

This is to the touches I have felt when the road was too dark
and I needed your hand to guide me through the labyrinth,

the soaring moments frozen in my mind for me to yearn for
when the glint of the sun yanks me right back into your arms.

This is to the tears I enthused, and the tears I shed alone,
to growing (not uP) through jellyfish, quicksand and elation,

not always induced by the pure breath we breathe outside.
This is etched onto my skin, written on the pages of which are left a few,

as I am drawn into the green mist which the waves prevail upon,
into the dream turned to reality, in the way deemed right by the universe.


  1. Ah, but the universe is so impersonal.

  2. For you to take a thought, and compose a piece of prose that you do...making a picture of words that show life as it just astounds me.

  3. Thank goodness for those little touches to help us make course corrections along the way. Poe said it, all that is -- is a dream within a dream

  4. This line is awesome: "to growing (not uP) through jellyfish, quicksand and elation"

  5. ... wrote a few of those 4 ... u and u and u poems myself ... don't forget 2 grow up and down, hmmm? ... up 2wards the sun and down 2 make roots ... just sayin' ... Love, cat.

  6. you keep beiing the one and only best ... youshadow writer.

  7. The title of this is so so good. Everything you write feels so important and so grand. I hope my writing can do half of what yours does!