Monday, July 6, 2015

In the Full Moon is a Darkness

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How I wish for the icy silence of the full moon
to take me in its arms and render me numb and cold,
that it will blunt my vision and fade into my heart,
and maybe then I will find peace from your presence,
because this is all there is, for the rest of our tomorrows,
this is all that will ever be, and it smothers me
to know, to remember, to have had.


  1. To have had and know
    What could be

    And then not
    Yeah invites the comfort
    Of that numb

  2. Lovely BW shot ~ contemplative words ~ hope the person is moving on as well as grieving a loss ~ more to come in life ~ Cherish the memories ~ Live well is what I try to do.

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  3. It is smothering to have once been so one with someone, and then to know it will never be like that again.

  4. In every visible light is some darkness, or we would all be sightless.
    Finding peace? Give up the search, for we already have that, deep inside. Waiting but to be realized. With an open mind, then awareness--and living in this moment, NOW!

    Eureka! I have discovered that "...this is NOT all there is!"

  5. Incompletely complete and beautiful.