Monday, June 2, 2014


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You’ve stolen my peace, my tranquility, my inner contentment,
leaving behind this hunger to push past the lucid dream
into a wonderland of hell where sane doesn’t live,
to feed off your flesh, feel your heat ‘til it burns
and these limbs pass to darkness once more.


  1. Alas, I would be so much better of if I could just let go of my own expectations and focus all of my attention upon the bigger picture, with what happened last Friday serving as the most recent example. For a couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Amazon that said that another deposit would be made into our bank account on May 30th from sales of my books on their Kindle platform. My mind went into overdrive with fantasies about this finally being the time when I would be allowed to shine, and when the deposit turned out to be all of 35 cents, I was crushed...again.

  2. there is an interesting mix of sensuality and shadow...the contrast of wonderland and hell together...its interesting and uneasy...smiles.

  3. Of course temptation will not steal peace, contentment, etc., but my answer to it's beckoning sure can send me off the cliff. Description of hell sounds accurate--"where sane doesn't live".

    Shadow, your writing--GOOD! But it has changed it's tone, almost like you are "singing your notes" on a new violin--grin!

  4. I love the way there is a mix here of darkness and actual dreams can be that way...almost a battle....but I usually wake up before what I would expect to be the end. ...and there is a feeling of stress within me. You have captured that beautifully here Shadow. :-)

  5. Oh how I have adapted to that place where sane has no home, where I am both Lord and Satan and sensuality is found in a mechanical caress.

  6. Yeah that strange in between time of dreaming and being woken, but not wanting to be woken because you want to see where the dream may lead. That is my take anyway.