Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Edge

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There will always be that something that you will seek,
that you will search for, that keeps chasing you in your dreams.
A nagging little hunger, a restlessness, a need to move and do,
to chase an exhilaration, face fear after fear,
stare the devil in the face with a defiant grin on your face,
before returning to the point of equilibrium,
as you retreat back to the edge of the ledge
and you wait for your next victim.


  1. ouch on the last bit...waiting on your last victim....i was getting excited through the middle...staring the devil in the face and smiling at him...sometimes you have to dare that, but that victim line got me hung up

  2. You have such sharp wit, combined with wisdom, and words which match perfectly, Shadow. Thinking about this...I seldom waited for my next victim. If she/he was not right in front of me, I sought one...with only brief time between.

    Thank GOD those days are long gone--for the most part--grin!

  3. The victim line is the twist in the plot! Love it.

  4. That last line ... it got to me ...
    Good writing, as always

  5. Nice turn in the end...very chilling yet capturing the restless devil inside all of us ~