Monday, August 11, 2014

A Case of Addiction

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Entrenched in my being, you flow through my soul,
there's hunger I cannot suppress,
nerve-endings raw, a forceful desire
drives through me, no gentle caress.

I fear I will break by your very first touch,
as you thread your way into my skin,
I breathe in your breath, you burn me alive,
your essence I need to take in.

I wish to stay here, in this ocean of bliss,
but hunger again doth rise,
seeking out your gratifying reward,
with a need that I cannot disguise.


  1. ha. i guess that could be a bad thing...
    but i am thinking its a good thing....even though at time the yearning
    def hurts...

  2. If the reward is gratifying - it's good

  3. Cannot disguise the need
    nor suppress the hunger,
    midst all else going on.

    Every blissful ocean has a
    tempest broiling underneath...

    Enjoy the bliss, even while
    preparing for the storm

  4. No addiction is good because you give your power away to something or someone and in the end you get used up. Sometimes you rise from those ashes more alive than ever and sometimes you don't. Nice words

  5. As much as you want, honey . . . . . Ready Eddie . . . lol