Sunday, August 3, 2014

What Am I

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Is it a fairy or a witch that is knocking on your door these dark, midnightly hours,
who gains entrance without refusal once her gaze invites you in,
and you’re captivated by the rays of the full moon that play across her hair,
that you acquiesce to her suggestions that flow softly like notes into your soul.
They awaken a deep yearning, an almost forgotten hunger surfaces
and you surrender your thinking, you follow her scent, and get drawn into her being
where the inexplicable occurs by a twist of mirthful fate...
a seamless rhythm pulses through their veins ‘til their heart beats murmur a song,
and they rise as a joint spirit, free to look upon the world...


  1. She sounds like a nice girl! Must listen out tonight in case it's my turn.

  2. nice...i like that joining...the coming together there in the rise as one spirit...and then to truly look upon the world....

  3. Lovely ethereal photo ~ beautiful work ~ love it! ~ thanks, saw your link on As the Crackerhead Crumbles their ' A Sunday Drive'

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Very different! Love the images you paint with words.

  5. Whether in sleeping dream or day-dream I have been--with another, a spirit form--hovering over parts of our world, and sometimes over parts of the Universe. I truly love those moment, of which is remembered but little.
    "...flow like notes into your soul.."
    "...surrender your thinking.."
    "follow her scent.."
    "..drawn into her being....."
    Lines like these make real to me that I'm reading one (YOU, Shadow) gifted with a special talent, one who has acquired a special spirituality. Word-choices--superb!

    1. Steve, you have rendered me speechless. I'm humbled. Thank you! :)

  6. Months ago I stopped blogging--for no great reasons--just tired. Then I wrote a post--a poem--which was responded to in moments--by my friend from SA.
    Proof, with friends, we are and will be NEVER alone! thanks, Shadow <3

    1. I think there's a song "Friends will be friends..."

  7. No such luck . . . not even a witch or a fairy.
    Which day did you say they might come?

    As even loved it and I always find your poems bith moving and stimulating . . . :)

  8. Alas, I've been there, but there was no freedom to be found.