Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Hourglass

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 A silent exchange conveys consent
to eyes reflecting an equal intent
that seamless temptation transcends.
Motion and rhythm, a flawless song,
as the master draws fulfilment
from expectant strings that quiver
and obey his every touch.
Transient moments become their book
of languid stretches in their memory,
as the sand in the hourglass
steadily falls,
consuming this grace in time.


  1. nice sensuality through the first part of this...being in the hands of the master
    it can certainly be easy to get lost in time....smiles.

  2. Each grain of sand passing through that narrow waist leaves a feeling of touch the glass needs just to know it is still glass.

  3. From the opening line, the tone was set. That's one of the best opening lines I've read in quite some time :)

  4. Time . . . . so fascinating. Our life is governed by it . . . yet it is so limiting to our desires and needs . . . . when we are free from it in eternity it will not matter for it is only here we meet it - in our present universe where the sand in the hour glass steadily falls . . . .

  5. Beautiful, Shadow. You've captured the essence of time!

  6. And I ask, "Where did the time go?" When I do not really "believe in" time. Eternity is now and ever so.

    You are in a good writing spell: Philosophizing, Reminiscing, Living, Loving! Shadow, yous is one of those "don't miss" blogs. And the images are regularly scintillating. Thank you.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this poem
    Awesome is the word !
    Nice to be fellow followers and I look forward to your next post


  8. Have you ever listened to Bob Dylan singing Every Grain of Sand. It is moving.