Friday, August 8, 2014

Reality is shattered

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Your breath in my neck
awakens a hunger...
needy urges draw me close,
your hands claim possession
of my body claiming yours,
a match that wraps and forms
a demand that’s met and guides...
our nerve-endings explode,
all reality is shattered.


  1. *tink* Here's to realities being shattered and the alternate state of becoming one rising in its place.

  2. when we give over to each other in such a way
    what a beautiful connection that can be created.

  3. Reality should be shattered on a daily basis... ;)

  4. Maybe reality is shattered. Love is giving...GIVING, with no thought of tit-for-tat, etc. Just giving emptying, until that emptiness if filled, there is more to give. It is the only reason, reality there can be. All else is a dream, a fantasy.

    Maybe what I've written is the "dream, fantasy" because it IS bed time--long ago!

    Succinctly and marvelously written, Shadow-Girl! :-)

  5. I admire the raw opening verses ~ Have to remind myself of that hunger ~

  6. Depending upon the circumstances, of course, that doesn't sound like a bad situation to be in.

  7. Just say the word . . . . lol
    Gosh how beautifully erotic.