Wednesday, August 27, 2014

To All You Non-Dreamers Out There

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the soul leaves the sleeping self towards an astral plane
where light beings soar with the whispers of the dreamers
that floats like music through a velvety darkness,
before sparkling with a delight that scatters twinkling eyes
into the infinite night sky.

those who lie sleepless, caught in the earthly tangle of roots
that slowly suffocates and destroys their ability to dream,
these twinkling eyes touch down upon as they stare into the darkness,
and leave behind some starry dust that slowly re-fills their need to dream.


  1. Don't you just love the potential of dreaming, the possibility of discovering some hidden truth inside us. Connecting with our inner selves. :)

  2. smiles...cycle up///cycle down...i like that bit on the dust of the last feeding the next as well....without dreams, what are we, really?

  3. Me sleep well, anytime, anywhere, it seems
    But never have any more dreams...
    Maybe I've used 'em all up. NOT!

    Of course I DO dream all day now--LOL!

    V. If I have already left a comment, would you just delete one of them? Thanks.

  4. oh I love the darkness that creeps about stealing dreams.
    Shadow you always capture the edge of things - bravo!!

  5. Beautiful....I'm in a dream state as I read this.

  6. Leave the body lay where itis, what need have we of it as we go mining dreams for others. Our reality is their dream.

  7. It's so good to get lost 'in a dreaming world'
    Love this poem

  8. Great thing about dreaming is you can spend time with family that have passed on Or so it seems real enough

  9. Beautifully written... I just love your pen...

    peace and love

  10. Sounds magical. I dream and the dreams are vivid. Sometimes I need starry dust to bring only the good dreams.

  11. I specially like the opening verses, dream like & magical ~ I once had an astral dream & I couldn't forget how that felt like ~