Friday, August 22, 2014

The Quicksand of your Love

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Observing from the distance I was drawn,
intrigued by your being and your wit,
whilst up close the faint detachment
gave way to a fire
that burnt through countless nights of darkness,
illuminating the fusion of our limbs and our hearts,
and I willingly sank into the quicksand of your love.


  1. It get's that way sometimes as long as you get to be the quicksand and the other gets stuck in you as well. Role reversals are necessary parts of life.

  2. I am so enjoying reading your poetry ...
    Love this one ...

  3. Alas, I have been sucked in a few times, myself. (LOL?)

  4. Agree with other comments. As well-written and honest as this poem is(?) those one-sided loves never worked out for me. It always seemed like I was in a three-year rut, in regard to those (HA!) "chosen by God" for me. Hmmmmmm.

    Your poetry will last MUCH longer than three years--for me, Shadow. I am "sucked in"!

  5. def can relate to the quicksand...which can be a good thing in the right circumstances...but too you can become mired in some that end up not being what they seem....

  6. . . . . . and I willingly sank into the quicksand of your love.

    Good because that means you can't get out of it . . . . :)

  7. I have certainly been there and done that. You have captured the experience perfectly Shadow.

  8. Been in that quicksand and managed to get out before it took me under.