Thursday, August 21, 2014


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I am homesick to the future
which lives in my every thought and deed,
I can feel the absolute fear and panic
to rescind each word once spoken,
and I can feel tears of regret
rolling down my cheeks...

yet all the while knowing
that this is the only way,
fear can be overcome,
and that the time to leave this place is now,
leave its memories of restriction and domination,
so that I can still this restless soul
that now needs to find her own way home....



  1. to overcome fear we have to face it...and sometimes we do have to take that step to leave, to move on, to find a way beyond where we are now...the only way to live a life is to live it, you know...

  2. You're right to say that this is the only way that fear can be overcome. The only way indeed, my friend.

  3. If I turn here I will get there. I tried that. Seems that every turn I made "there" was still somewhere else. Restless souls find calm and peace not there but here. I spent years wandering aimlessly to find there, and damn it I still wound up here. Then it became time to stop moving and just decide here and there were both the same place. You're there and I am here. And the difference is...

  4. tears of regret rolling down my cheek...
    LOVE's so descriptive.

  5. Yes, fear can be overcome. Irrational fear is something to be taken seriously. Yes, it has to be addressed and tackled effectively by proper counselling.
    Thanks, nice post :)

  6. yes indeed. No looking back we must press forward toward home.
    Your sentiment always leaves a clear resounding echo

  7. Home is where we'll ultimately all end up.

  8. *so that I can still this restless soul
    that now needs to find her own way home ... *
    Those words are powerful and really speak to me ..
    Bravo ....

  9. Just got the chance to come wandering by...should we be thankful to the negative emotions that catipult us to new horizons...not sure but I do know that fear and pain are good motivators for change

  10. To go or stay, that is the question. Many live under certain restriction--happily.
    But DOMINATION?? People since beginning of history have risked fortune, life and limb. to escape domination. One American (Benjamin Franklin) said, "Give me liberty...or give me DEATH!" That was in reference whether to become a nation, and leave English much for history...good luck. Pray!

  11. two too
    - too long to feel
    just like me.

  12. Sometimes the only thing to do is to fold one's tent and move along.