Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Storm

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Her mournful song is carried
by the icy howling storm,
chilling every heart it touches,
your thoughts you will conform,
a sadness deep, you can’t define,
has taken hold of you,
there is no end to this labyrinth,
you struggle but can’t ensue.
The winds keep on howling, clouds become darker,
an silvery mist descends,
you’re helpless when the spirits take
your soul and you now transcend,
into the heavens where you submit,
as the world around you reshapes,
surrender into her arms, suspended,
by her love you’re forever embraced.


  1. That is quite a storm you have painted ~ I specially like:
    there is no end to this labyrinth,
    you struggle but can’t ensue.

  2. thank goodness there will come a day when we can rise above it all and put it all in perspective...and that which is painful will find relief....

  3. Your posts remind me that all the eons, these trillions of years, are but a blink (if even that?) on the monitor of Eternity. GOD IS...only in this moment, in each of us. So well written, Shadow, that your words take me off the screen and out into the Universe

    And I find it is a happy place, not full of sadness, as so often we "see" it.

  4. There must be an end to the maze, I constructed it but lost the blueprints, it is only wailing in the wind i have to guide me. find me she will and I will submit, willingly, long before i am carried off.

  5. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay that sownds like a skarry storm and is that a dragon in the klowds watching us??? i think it is!!! if ennywun needs me i wil be under the bed!!! ok bye

  6. One way or another, the self perseveres, It continues to love, to hope, to envision, to embrace. Beautifully done, Shadow, as always.

  7. One day the storm will be over and it will all make sense - but sadly not yet . . .:)