Thursday, August 14, 2014

The River of Shredded Souls II

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After time immeasurable, sentience seeped through
the icy detachment that had led her into the darkness,
awareness slowly crept back into her being,
she started to open her eyes....

....a vision of her life drifted before fresh and innocent eyes,
a life path as viewed by an impartial bystander,
filtered out, the needless sorrow, pointless loss and unwarranted guilt
that brought her to her knees.

Though her soul passed a warmth of understanding
for the sins of a tortured soul, who’d lived behind walls,
behind pretence, fighting a battle that alone cannot be won,
and her strength flowed like lava through her soul, reviving her core.

The grace of absolution offered freedom from self,
lifted off the ever-present cloud of darkness
that had shadowed her on request, and the circle of destruction,
stretched to breaking point, now broke,
and her life was returned to her.

May we all get this chance in life.


  1. we can all hope for that chance....some of it i think depends on how far we are willing to stretch and ultimately break it...that can be scary for some...

  2. SEE now that is some good shit!

    Sharing? I would take some of this.don't know what I'd do with it but I wouldn't let it just sit there.

    Mucho Gusto Amore

  3. Interesting that you've done this poem in two parts. It shows transformation, a soul evolution. Beautiful!

  4. I have, and yet, I still drift toward self-condemnation far too often. Be assured that it is good for one to not feel deserving, but resisting His forgiveness is even more damaging.