Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The River of Shredded Souls

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Mem’ries thread into my consciousness, placing me
in the frozen black river of shredded souls
that suck me into a roiling vortex
of raging anger, heartache and self-destruction…

…while the river absorbs my tears,
extracts the essence of my pain,
blends it with the tears of the thousand wounded beings
who have plummeted into its depth.

My sightless eyes turn away from the light,
an icy detachment flows through me,
I relinquish all that I’ve heretofore touched,
and the End takes my hand and we go…


  1. once anger, heartache and self-destruction take can def feel like you are being pulled under by the current...and the detachment that is at once an illusion....a dangerous one at that...

  2. You must try to get out of that river and pronto - make it to the shore and rest and let time heal . . . . it will. . . . :) E

  3. No one would have ever existed unless our Heavenly Father wanted them to, and He has never desired to see the eternal damnation of anyone.

  4. " in the frozen black river of shredded souls
    that suck me into a roiling vortex" very graphic, I could picture myself there. And 'self destruction'....I just wrote something I'm thinking of posting on my blog on Sunday....about self destruction of a VERY disturbing kind. Maybe I will.

  5. It's cool Shadow, I DID NOT read this yesterday but once again we are in synch, so honey you have to know insanity is not a solitary sport. Fuck it weep till the river overflows and the vortex spits you back onto the bank. Once in a while, not often, when it's attached to my ass 9most of the time this past year or two), but once in a while I have to laugh at my chronic depression. Not because it suddenly became humorous but because i lived through the shit, which I never should have, neither should you have, but fuck it, now we got what we got and at least you have a Mary Poppins umbrella, all i have to lift my spirit with is flatulence. We both need to resurrect our bathroom humor, when you think of it the best part of life is giving a shit or talking about shit; it's either funny or offensive. I personally am game for either, crazy does that eh? Why do people refer to defecating as taking a shit, or a dump? I never wanted to take any shit, but then i like giving a shit. Words matter ya know?

    Love You Tremendously--hey you still have my bdd44m5@gmail email addy? i have an insane idea i want to run past you.